1. Distance selling

Distance selling is defined as an agreement regarding advocacy services made via a sales or service provisioning system without the parties being simultaneously present and by using one or several means of distance communications (telephone, postal mail, data network, email, telefax, or some other means of entering into an agreement so that the parties are not simultaneously present).

2. Advocacy service provider

Asianajotoimisto Salonen Oy LSL legal
Temppelikatu 4 A
00100 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 9454 2880
Fax +358 9494 113

The company Asianajotoimisto Salonen Oy LSL legal is registered in the trade register maintained by the National Board of Patents and Registration, business ID 2591357-8.

3. Basis for pricing determination

The service price is based on the amount of time spent on a particular work task using hourly charging. The prices of hourly rates and the amount of fees are affected by the nature and urgency of the specific case, the amount of work and the level of interest, the possible foreign language used, and the required special expertise. Commissions are charged in 15-minute units of time, and the smallest chargeable unit of time is 15 minutes. In carrying out a commission, travel times, possible waiting times, and court recess times are counted as chargeable time for the assignment. When defining a commission, applying fixed rates or agreeing on some other means of determination of fees can be separately agreed in writing.
Service provider reserves the right to revise their pricing without prior notice to correspond with increased costs.
Service provider shall separately charge the commission-related necessary costs, such as travel expenses, reports by experts, official fees, and document reproduction. Other chargeable fees may include, among others, the fees of domestic or foreign experts, public agents, and lawyers.
Currently valid VAT is added to all fees, expenses, and other charges.

4. Term of payment

Invoicing shall occur after commissions end, yet each calendar month unless otherwise agreed.

In case customers wish to use e-invoicing via an electronic invoicing service provider, the advocacy provider shall attempt to cooperate with the customer’s service provider to utilise e-invoicing.
The detailed terms regarding invoicing and legal expenses insurance are defined according to the general terms used for commissions.

5. Validity and right of cancellation

The commission relationship shall end after each party has fulfilled their contractual obligations. Customer has the right to terminate the commission agreement at any time with immediate effect. Service provider has the right to withdraw from a commission in accordance with the guidelines for professional ethics among lawyers.
In distance selling, customer has the right to cancel an agreement by notifying the service provider within 14 days after entering into a commission agreement or after confirming a commission.
In distance selling, working on the commission starts after the 14-day right of cancellation period ends unless customer specifically requests starting the commission before the 14-day period ends. In case customer exercises their right of cancellation after specifically requesting that the work be started before the 14-day right of cancellation period ends, customer shall pay reasonable compensation for the advocacy services performed prior to receiving notice of cancellation.

6. Other terms

Customer has the right to present possible disputes related to advocacy fees to the Disciplinary Board of the Finnish Bar Association. Consumers also have the right to present disputes to the Consumer Protection Office.
If necessary, customers can file a complaint regarding advocacy conduct to the Disciplinary Board of the Finnish Bar Association.