Court Lawyer

The personal characteristics of a lawyer handling a civil or criminal case are of the utmost importance to the successful outcome of the matter. Careful and comprehensive investigation of the matter as well as the advance charting and collection of all personal and documentary evidence are absolutely vital in a court dispute.

LSL-Legal will represent their client, expertly ensuring that legal remedies are used effectively and appropriately with regard to the nature of the issue. The achievement of the jointly set, desirable objective is essential.

In court cases, the LSL-Legal attorney has a burning desire and quest to find and reveal the truth that best serves their client. Our attorney’s extensive knowledge and strong presentation experience ensure excellent representation of the client’s needs. During a court hearing, an attorney must be able to respond quickly to unforeseen situations.

In particular, the hearing of the evidence of the counterparty often brings about unpredictable opinions. Through effective cross examination, a well prepared and experienced attorney is able to correct false or inaccurate statements of the witness. With the attorney’s strong presentation skills and correctly put questions, the nature of the reliability and credibility of a hostile witness can be revealed in court.
For the court process, the presentation of the entire matter must be exhaustively prepared with the inclusion of all possible points of view and the gathering of all supporting evidence.

The General Court – Arbitration

Legal disputes brought up in the general court or a court of arbitration differ from each other in their procedure. A court of arbitration usually consists of legal specialists in the sector in question. This procedure between legal specialists means that the procedural formalities and the presentation skills of the attorney gain less attention compared to a legal process of the general court.

The choice of whether or not to process a civil dispute through arbitration or before a general court depends on the wish of the parties involved. The parties usually agree on arbitration in advance in commercial contracts. In the absence of an agreement regarding the location for the procedure, as a general rule disputes are processed in the court of the area where the defendant is domiciled. Contracts can also contain agreements concerning the location of the general court in which any dispute will be resolved. Important financial matters under dispute can be resolved by agreement in a general court where judges can be expected to have the knowledge and experience in similar matters. By particular legal provisions some matters, such as the handling of patent disputes, are centralized to the Helsinki District Court. Real estate matters are processed in the general court of the area where the property is located. There are also some special courts, such as the Market Court, as well as administrative courts dealing with administrative matters.

Arbitration procedure

Before taking a disputed case to court, the requirements, and sometimes even a necessity for the client, towards an amicable settlement with compromises should be carefully examined. Attempts to reach an amicable resolution to a dispute are supported by the possibility to use the impartial mediation of an external expert or mediation before the General Court. In all arbitration matters, put your trust in LSL Legal’s professional expertise.