Demanding financial crimes – e.g. tax matters, insider dealings

Society is highly developed, and its regulation has become more diverse. The structural remodelling of financial activities has led to the need to protect the interests of society and individuals with increasingly more extensive and detailed legislation. The appropriate functioning of the law has required sanctions against illegal activities through economic sanctions and legal penalties.

In criminal cases of a financial nature, the community in question also has a significant interest. Any reprehensible action carried out as part of its operations may result in a financial penalty to be imposed on the community, as well as significant damages. The remedial obligation in environmental damages can exceed the company’s financial capacity.
LSL-Legal is specialised in the most demanding and extensive financial criminal cases. In addition to the provisions of the criminal law, they require an in-depth knowledge of the provisions in corporate, tax, damages, accounting, contract, competition and environmental laws as well as regulatory guidelines, usually on a case-by-case basis.

LSL-Legal does not provide assistance in the so-called ordinary criminal cases.