Building contract disputes

Building contracts always contain financial and other interests that are significant to both parties. Often, several contractors working at the same job site, as well as their mutual legal relationships, are generally not managed by the representatives of the contractors. Due to this and poor contracting practice, building projects often result in legal disputes.

General terms and conditions for the construction industry YSE 1998

The real impact on the position of each party of the provisions in the general terms and conditions for construction industry YSE 1998, often automatically attached to the building contracts, is not always considered in an appropriate manner. When negotiating building contracts, the assistance of LSL-Legal specialists guarantees that the contract is adhered to. Consultation with a specialist lawyer during the contracted project is necessary, for example, in situations requiring a notice of claim, in the documentation of received jobs and in the preparation of the final financial reports. If disputes arise, the handling and resolution of these issues on the basis of an appropriately drafted contract will benefit both the client and the contractor. LSL-Legal’s experience in the judicial resolution of contract disputes will ensure that our customers receive the best possible outcome.