SME company law issues

Company law provisions have a practical application to every company, from its foundation and throughout its operations. Company management should be aware of all company obligations and responsibilities. The decision making power and hierarchy of the Board and the shareholders’ general meetings are largely governed by company laws. There is good reason for senior management to put their trust in LSL-Legal’s expertise, for example in the planning and implementation of the legal handling of ownership and financial arrangements.


The legal assessment of questions concerning liability for damages is often virtually impossible without legal assistance. In case of damages, you must be able to distinguish between a personal injury, material damage and economic loss, and whether the liability is a contractual or non-contractual liability or whether it is based on the law. Liability for damages may well apply both to the company and its management. Legal assessment of the liability for damages requires the use of a legal specialist; therefore, you will benefit from putting your trust in the expertise of LSL-Legal.

Management role and legal responsibilities

The responsibility of the management of a limited company is now greater, even though no significant changes have been made to the law itself. Company law has expanded the responsibilities of company management in relation to the company and its shareholders as well as third parties, such as company creditors. The determination of the management representative’s role and responsibilities by anticipating liability situations is essential. When preparing individual contracts for company management, or shareholders’ agreements as well as the limitation of liability and risk-sharing arrangements, advance consultation with LSL-Legal would benefit the company.