Liability for errors in housing transactions

LSL-Legal has a long and extensive experience in housing transaction disputes, including damages caused by mould and other microbial problems. In housing transactions, the content of the liability for errors and the legal assessment vary depending on whether the seller of the house is a construction and housing transaction professional or a private individual. The Housing Transaction Act which regulates housing transactions, provides separately for the sale of new and old housing. The land law code has provisions for real estate business, such as a single-family house located on a privately owned or a rented plot. The land law code provisions are not in all respects identical to the provisions of the Housing Transaction Act.

Establishing of the liability for errors in housing transactions

Specialist legal assistance is required in almost every housing transaction dispute. LSL-Legal is able to provide its customers with the correct legal assessment in any housing transaction dispute. In most cases, it involves the assessment of which type of construction or microbial expertise is needed and when to obtain the necessary background assessment. Wrongly based claims for damages against the house seller can completely undermine their practical liability by law. A claim for a reduction in the purchase price and a claim for damages are two completely different things with regard to liability for errors in a housing transaction.