Housing Companies Act

The difficulty to follow up legal regulations pertaining to housing corporations often result in conflicts between the views and interests of the corporation and its shareholders, often due to the lack of awareness of the content of the law, both by the management and the shareholders. We can help to resolve these problems through our expertise and through guidance to both parties.

New Housing Companies Act

From the standard homeowner’s point of view, the approximately 400 pages of preliminary work behind the 29 chapters and almost 40 articles in each chapter of the new Housing Companies Act as well as the interpretation of the law, has further complicated the homeowner’s relationship with the corporation and their right to decision-making concerning their own apartment. A housing corporation’s Board of Directors consists mainly of lay people. They often find it very difficult to be able to evaluate all of the legal situations that they constantly face in the management of the housing corporation.
A conflict may arise as to who ultimately determines significant matters, as well as their legal responsibility to the corporation: Shareholders’ General Meeting, Board of Directors or a professional property manager. LSL-Legal is thoroughly familiar with the content of the law and its interpretation. Furthermore, our extensive experience ensures the expertise whereupon it is possible to resolve to everyone’s satisfaction even the most complicated legal issues related to housing corporations.